ZXM-Phoenix - compitable ZX Spectrum pc. Made at the end of 2008 year, talking in discussion forum http://zx.pk.ru [ru]. Author is Михаил Тарасов (Mick). First revision made 65.  Second revision made 11. More info here [ru].

Short specification:

CPU КР1858ВМ1 (Z80A) - 3,5МГц
RAM 1024 КiB or 2048 KiB. Using SIMM 30pin.
ROM 64 КiB
Graphics 256x192 px 15 colors (standart ZX Spectrum graphics)
Sound YM2149F (AY-3-8192) and beeper
Keyboard internal PS2 (emulation)
Joystic Kempston (emulation)
Mouse internal PS2 Kempston-mouse(emulation)
FDD controller based on КР1818ВГ93 (FD1793)
HDD Controller Nemo IDE
Real time clock PCF8583P
Other periphery RS232 port, inputy/output for recorder
OS in ROM: TR-DOS, Basic 128, Basic 48
Architekture open bus, 3 slots of ZX-BUS, ZX-Spectrum pc
Composition sisteminis blokas
Power ATX
Size mATX stadard, size 220x240мм
IC count  71

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