CPU КR580VM80А (i8080) - 2MHz
ROM 512B (Main) + 14KiB (ROM PK "Specialist"). 32KiB ROM disk can be connected
Grahpic modes * Black-white graphical - 384 pixels horizontally x 256 pixels vertically;
* Color graphical (red, green, blue and black) - 192 pixels horizontally x 256 pixels vertically
Sound One channel beeper
Keyboard 74 keys
Joystick 5 keys
External data storage Reading and saving computer programs is done using a household magnetic tape recorder in "Radio 86/РК" computer format. If instaled PC "Specialist" ROM it is posible read and save in PC "Specialist" format
Additional periphery Three 8-bit parallel interfaces on КR580VV55А (i8055) IC.
The size of the motherboard 300mm x 150mm
IC count 60

User manual:

User manual is here [RU].

ROMs: Software that came with Eureka computer:
No. Programm
1. List of programs
2. Monitor
3. Basic
4. Assembler  
5. DisAssembler  
6. Musical system
7. Program for musical system  
8. Program for musical system  
9. Chess
10. Lode runner
11. Life
12. Games in basic. Package #1
13. Games in basic. Package #2
14. Demonstration of basic
15. Mathematics (written in basic)
16. Electrical circuit analyzer (written in basic)
17. Piton-tetris
18. Zoo
19. Helicopter


Emulation of Eureka computer is done in emu80v4 (big thanks Виктору Пыхонину). Lastest version is here.

  • Валерий Eрёменко - for original tape and various parts of Eureka computer
  • Виктор Пыхонин - for emulator of Eureka computer
  • Unknown person - for "grey" Eureka

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